What Is Hygge, and How Can It Help Our Wellbeing?

…many of us may experience changes in our mood during the Autumn and Winter seasons, making it more important than ever to take steps to look after our wellbeing. But just what can we do to look after ourselves in these chilly months?

What is co-creation?

A group of dancers stand in a group with their arms held in a position as if they are about to dive into water. There are chairs around the edge of the space.

Co-creation is a tricky thing to write about because it’s a tricky thing to define. It’s become a bit of a ‘buzzword’ in the arts sector…

What is Welland?

A drawing of different images to represent ideas for Welland, including people smiling, hands shaking, and words such as belonging, self expression, and creativity.

Summertime is performance time for dance groups! It seems like every week I have a different one of my community groups performing.

What is Refugee Week?

Compassion in Action flyer. Saturday 17th June, 1pm - 4pm at Project Colt, Elland Bridge, HX5 0SG. Drop in, no need to book! Enjoy music, drawing, dancing, free refreshments and more! On a white background with purple, yellow, green, red, blue, and orange circles dotted around, plus an illustration of two colourful imaginary beings embracing in a big hug.

May has been a busy month for Curious Motion! As well as providing our regular programme of classes, we’re hard at work making preparations for a very special event.

How can dancing help us socialise?

People smiling and laughing

I recently met an old friend for dinner. She and I did ballet together through our childhoods, and now living in different places, and pursuing different careers, it’s nice to meet, and realise how many things we still have in common.

Who was Ignatius Sancho?

A painting of Ignatius Sancho. He is wearing traditional 18th century dress and looking to the left hand side of the image. He has dark hair tied behind him and is Black.

Sancho wrote that he was born in Africa but was captured and enslaved in Greenwich UK throughout his entire childhood. When he was 20 years old he liberated himself and escaped to Montagu House, Blackheath.

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