A Gentle Splash

Susan, aged 64, from Hebden Bridge

Inspired by David Hockney’s iconic painting A Bigger Splash. I love being in the water, swimming pools especially.

On Track

Marc, aged 61, from Hebden Bridge

Autumn sunshine, keeping fit, staying on track.


Don’t Fret

Rob, aged 56, from Halifax

I thought the movement of hands and fingers playing a guitar might make an interesting film.


Peace by the burn

Fiona, aged 68, from Elland

Walking and blackberrying along the Caledonian canal with my daughter, we came across this lovely stream.



Matt, aged 32, from Halifax

Breathe, release, refresh.


A Million Dreams

Sarah from Pennine Magpie, aged 26, from Halifax

A Million Dreams, featured in The Greatest Showman, is a song we love here at Pennine Magpie. Service-user, Sarah, has signed along to this special song.


Tingling Toes

Anne, aged 67, from St. Neots

Tingling toes experience the warm green grass directly, a cushion to explore with the muscles of the feet, enhancing wellbeing throughout the body.


Dancer is the Answer

Piedad, aged 32, from London

A little boogie while making tea with one of my favourite mugs!


Sparkle Dance

Max, aged 7, from Kenilworth

Sometimes when you hear music, you just have to dance. Move how you want to. It will make you smile.


Digit Dance

Faye, aged 35, from Kenilworth

I liked the idea of just using my hand to create a fun film. Sometimes you don’t want to get up and dance, but stretching your hands and arms can be enough to feel refreshed.


Ladybird Lanes

Anne, aged 67, from St. Neots

Ladybird exploring the environment – twisting and turning to experience all spaces.