Art and culture bring colour to our world. And what are art and culture without the people that create it, shape it, present it, and enjoy it?

Join us as we delve into the lives of fascinating, creative, inspiring people. We explore what it means to live, love, and thrive in these overwhelming days. Through our guest interviews, we uncover ways that will help you navigate life; leaving you feeling more inspired and empowered, and remembering that you are not alone.

Join Curious Motion’s Samantha McCormick, for honest, open, curious conversations.

series 1

Friends of Curious Motion

In this first series we hear from some friends of Curious Motion, including artists, dancers, project managers, rehearsal directors, and movement practitioners. Join Sam for a curious exploration into their life stories.

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series 2

Our Values

Exploring the values that Curious Motion holds – artistry, compassion, curiosity, empathy, inclusion and integrity. What do they mean to different people and what can we learn by delving into them?

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