Welcome to series 2

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Welcome to series 2! The theme for this series is ‘Our Values’ – find out all about it in this short bonus episode. We’ve also got brand new music so tune in to hear more about that too.

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Curious Motion’s Values – read what we mean by each of our values.







Rich Huxley and Hope & Social – find out more about the musician behind our new theme music.


Sam McCormick:

Hello everyone

Welcome to series 2 of Curious e-Motion, a podcast by Curious Motion!

I’m Sam McCormick and in this short bonus episode you’ll hear all about the theme for this series.

I have a super exciting update to bring you before that though!

You may have noticed that we have brand new music!

Earlier this year, an amazing Leeds-based musician, Rich Huxley, composed this beautiful original track just for us! In his own words, Rich is a strong believer in the power of music as a force for empowerment, joy, social engagement, and for the greater good. He describes himself as a musician, multi-instrumentalist, writer, vocalist, record producer, educator, ukulele enthusiast, and one-man community music hub!

Rich has toured the world with his work in various guises. Including as a band member of Hope & Social, a very well-known Yorkshire band. He co-founded the world’s first fan-funded record label, and Rich also heads up Songwork International’s UK operations.

Rich’s passion for community, inclusion, and creativity really aligned with our work and so we were over the moon to welcome him into our community.

I think you’ll agree that he has managed to capture the mix of warmth, emotion, inspiration, and joy that we come across in our guest interviews. A big thank you to Rich for his brilliant work.

[MUSIC BREAK – music box, celeste, piano, drums, strings create a gentle rolling melody, with a warm and uplifting feel]

Rich is also one of our guests this series, so get ready to find out more in his episode later on.

Now, speaking of people who align with us, that brings me on to introduce our theme for the series!

This series is all about the values we hold at Curious Motion.

When I first created Curious Motion, the values were where I started. I believe that values are a core element of our wellbeing and the wellbeing of the world around us. When we are clear on our values and aligned to them, we tend to feel positive emotions such as contentment, inspiration, motivation or empowerment, even in challenging situations sometimes. When things are misaligned, that’s when we can get into trouble, things can feel stressful and overwhelming to say the least.

Personally, I’ve found clarifying my own personal values was a key moment in my life – when I was younger, I’d never really given this much thought, but I often experienced situations where my gut instinct was telling me something was up, but I didn’t really know why. This led to lots of confusion, lots of self-judgement, and a shyness that I am still learning to move beyond, believe it or not.

When the notion of values became apparent to me, and I took some time to work out what they were for myself, that’s when I felt more comfortable in my own skin, I started to take more risks, and I challenged myself to do the things I really believed in. These are all things I’m still working on, and I’m sure will continue to through my life, but knowing my values really helps.

Curious Motion is a result of that and so I felt it was integral that we as an organisation have clear values too.

Curious Motion has six values in total, which underpin everything we do, they are:

  • Artistry
  • Compassion
  • Curiosity
  • Empathy
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity

Now, the team at Curious Motion know what we mean by these values, but we want to go further. What do they mean to other people? To artists, local community members, charity leaders, and to you, our listeners? And what can we learn by delving further into them?

Curious Motion always aims to provide a space where other voices, stories, and experiences outside of our own can be heard, and where the people who interact with us and participate in our work, can be part of shaping it too.

So, that’s why we’re delving into our values. Let’s see where it takes us! We’ve been so lucky to be joined by another group of brilliant people from different walks of life, and I’m so excited to introduce them to you.

Get ready for another honest, open, and curious series. Make sure to subscribe so you’re the first to get hold of each episode as it drops on Tuesdays!

Episode one is out now so what are you waiting for? Settle in and get listening, I’ll catch you there!